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Web Marketing

What is Web marketing ?
Promote your site online to get more sells,
traffic or/and popularity of your business.
How do we work ?
See what we can do to promote your site
in search engines, directories, web sites and ...
Promotion 100% Guarantee
We strongly believe that we do a great job
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Web DesignCompetitor Analysis : We will look at your top 5 strong competitors and learn from them by their websites, the strategy use online (search engines, directories, links). This will enable us to see their advantages and find ways to be better than them This is an exellent way to become the marker leader and see what is your competitors internet market strategy which will help you save time and effort.

Keywords and Key phrase search : Keywords are used by internet surfers using search engines to describe what they want
to find when performing a search on the web. We will analyse your market with you and see what keywords or key phrases, should be aim to get visitors on your site.

Optimise your site to be search engine friendly : We will set up your site to be search engines friendly meaning that your site will be easy for search engine to index and later on, will help us boost your site on the top of search engines. We will give a better explosure of some of your texts, images and internal links on your site, while maintaining your existing site alter structure. We will maintain your site readability, functionality and navigation.

Advertising Compain for your site : We will deterine with you which sites are the most suited to receive your banner or your advertising, the best sites to advertise on the web. We will coordinate the technical details along with the best rates with sites whether it is to advertise large advertising campaigns.

Linking on other web sites : Linking your site help you in two things. First, get visitors from other sites of common interest (called cousin sites). You will get visitors from other sites that have visitors interested in your company product or services. Furthermore, it helps with search engines get you higher in search engines, if your site become popular. This depends on the quality of links to your site. There are two types of (external) links, reciprocal links and paid links. Reciprocal links are free if your site is of some interest for the other site webmaster or request a links in exchange (this involve creating a link page). Paid links is good for other very popularin search engines websites that will not give it to you for free. For both kinds of links, setting up links requires a lot of effort and long time consuming.

Index your site in search engines and directories : We will index your site in search engines and directories if they are not already there. If your site already exist for sometime, there are some great changes that your site is already listed. Although, it is good to see how you were listed and updated it to offer you a better explosure.

Site Marketing : You can have a lot of traffic on your web site but if you dot not use the full potencial of your site to enable your site to sell more. We have a great experience in site marketing and can offer you, our expertise.