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Web Localization

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Web localization is the art of making your company accessible to a larger market, by recreating your website and its design in different languages. In order to stay competitive in a global market, you have to translate your site in other languages. Studies show that web users are four times more likely to purchase products or services from a site that communicates in their language.

Over 50% of all web users speak a native language that is other than English.

Deciding to localize your website means more than just translation. It requires a complete conversion of your message. You were addressing one audience and now you will have to reach an entirely different audience- or two or three… Written language translation means necessary format changes, the creation of correct links and finally, a crucial sensitivity to cultural differences.

We can translate your site for you or you may give us your translation for us to localize it. We offer competitive prices for translation and web localization. Translation and design are two different projects.